Friday, March 1, 2013

Queer IV

On February 5, someone asked a question on Tumblr page.

Since I allow for anonymous messages, I didn't know who they were. They asked me if I was gay. Not such a rare question, but I found it sort of confrontational, and I said so.

Fast-forward twelve days later, Feb. 17, when I received a reply to my reply.

The anonymous person said that I knew I was, that everyone else did, and that it was time for me to accept it.

Before I answered it, I tried to think of who it was, but I couldn't come up with a decisive answer. I looked at the grammar of the sentence and the word usage, but nada.

I answered the question, and included this in the answer. It's screenshots from the 1984 movie Parting Glances, which stars a less-creepy looking version Steve Buscemi. 

Ladies and gentleman, my dick.

Today is March 2, more than twelve days after my answer. I don't think I'll ever get a response back, but I care more about who is asking rather than the question. 

I guess I'll never find out... Ethan!!!