Friday, March 1, 2013

Bill Murray or Bust

Bill Murray, fuck you.

Just kidding, I love Bill Murray.

I was sitting around one afternoon and I noticed my Lost in Translation Blu-ray sitting on the shelf above my television. I wasn't doing much of anything, so I grabbed it and popped it into the player.

I watched the entire movie and just remembered how much I loved it.

Scarlett Johansson playing a lonely, neglected wife, and Bill Murray playing an old actor whose life is less than spectacular. And by chance, in the bar one evening, they find each other. And after a outings, they get something from each other that they both needed.

 Scarlett gets the attention she needed and Bill gets an infusion of fun that was missing.

After the movie was done, I looked up Mr. Murray on Wikipedia.
First, bad Bill. Bad. You no hit women. Bad, you go 'way. You go back Pyongyang.

Secondly, he has aged gracefully since 2004. 

Thirdly, he's still making movies. (I.e., FDR)

He starred in a film last year, Moonrise Kingdom, which I saw the previews to, but not much else. 

And I believe he played Franklin Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson, which I would love to see when it gets an American premiere.

So this weekend will hopefully be full of Bill Murray goodness.

That sounded better in my head.


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