Sunday, February 3, 2013

Night Activities

Earlier this week, I was invited to dinner by a couple friend of mine-- Cynthia and Michael. I've known Michael since my junior English class and Cynthia I met in my senior Econ class. That class was eggcelent!

Two weeks ago, after retrieving some phone numbers from my old cellphone, I started send text messages from new phone to them. I started with my friend Ivan, worked my way to Alyssa, and finally to the happy couple above. 

They picked me up around 6.15 yesterday evening and treated me to a Chinese buffet restaurant. I wish I had eaten more, but we got all up in talking and shiz. We left the restaurant around 8.15 and were deciding between a hookah bar (mentioned here, and here) or a city park on the northern side of town (you know, the side with all the Romney signs). 

We arrived around 8.30 and messed about on the playground equipment. There was a manual centrifuge, where you can spin yourself to vomiting or nausea by using your body weight. I screamed when they began to spin me faster. "HELP ME ARCHENEMY!" I yelled loudly into the cold night air.

There was also a spinning ring where I guess you could just fling your children off if you felt like it. It was angled so that you can get on at the top end and spin yourself down to the other. I fell off, and so did Michael and Cynthia. Not sure how little kids do it. Also, there was a little red seat that spins. The hole is not quite big enough for your butt (well, my butt), so your legs stick out and using your weight, can spin at fast speeds. 

When they spun me, I screamed, "Oh shit, fuck my cock!" Very nice, no?

I also found an AĆ©ropostale sweater. $25 here I come.

Anyway, as we played in the darkness, we noticed a car parked some distance from us with the headlights on. We didn't know who they were and didn't care to know. But things got weird soon. 

As we were messing on jungle-gym-type contraption, two more cars parked near the first car. We freaked out, but the surprise was just to come. Suddenly, the two cars began to move. They made a U-turn and proceeded to drive towards us. The part of the park we were in is encircled by a ring road. 

We made a mad dash to the Michael's car. 

Quickly climbed in and waited as the cars, a Honda Odyssey and a black Kia Sorento/Borrego drove past us. They parked in front of a picnic pavilion about twenty-five feet to our right. 

All three of us were apprehensive enough as it was when someone got out of the Kia and threw something into a trash can. This person quickly returned to their vehicle. No activity was seen from the Honda. Near the first car, another car appeared. Parked behind the first car, headlights on;  no activity whatsoever.

Cynthia began to get a little frightened, but I persuaded them to stay a little longer. I wanted to see what was going to happen.

While on the jungle gym, I had told them about a movie I had seen on Netflix last week. It was called Public Sex (in the UK: Dogging: A Love Story) and told them it was about an out-of-work journalist was working on a piece about the phenomenon of people having sex in public places. I told them, "Look out for blinking lights in the cabin. That means they want people to watch."

We intently watched all four cars for any activity. Nothing.

Finally, the frightening atmosphere of it all got to us and we proceeded to leave the park.

I'm not sure what those cars were doing there so late at night. I mean, four cars... at an empty park at 8 PM? Drug deal, public sex, penis, we just don't know. I guess we'll never know. I think they were there for sex... but you never know.