Saturday, September 15, 2012

University Press I

You know, as the switch over between high school and college happened, I had a dilemma. Should I continue with the H.S. format or morph into a university newspaper? Well, I thought of the pros and cons-- and then I remembered I shouldn't take it so seriously because let's face it, no one even looks at it. 

Regardless, I chose transitioning to a full newspaper, because when I leave university, if I was still doing this,  then another change would happen... and that's just not what I want to happen. In addition, if I changed to a full one, I could change size, and I did. This mock-up of a newspaper is in the Berliner or Midi format, which is bit smaller than what the New York Times publishes in and the exact size that Le Monde in France is published in.

I also had to think of a name, and since each university has a name for their paper, I tried to make this a more regional one so in the end, not a lot of differences. Any way, this is the new High School News, just graduated, and now is The Texan Weekly, because goddamn it if it was daily. That shit is hard. I just don't have that much free time. 

First edition of The Texas Weekly

The News is Real; The Paper is Not.

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