Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Asian Mr. Rodriguez

This entry is probably the most weird I've been towards Mr. Rodriguez, unless you count that one about the kiss and stuff. Try and find it. Hint: It's in the title!

A few days ago, I was writing a review on Amazon for this wrist watch I had found while on a day trip with my family. While thinking out my review, I looked at the others to see what they had written. I followed that up with looking at the pictures they posted. While rummaging through the photographs, there was a photo of a buff guy with a blue shirt and white shorts with the aforementioned wrist watch. 

Intrigued by this photograph (no, shut up), I clicked on the person's profile and read it. He was an Asian graphic designer from Austin that had gone to the University of Texas. I figure he had graduated, but I'm unsure. Any way, I he had a link that led to his own personal website. No pictures of himself of course.

I clicked around and found it quite interesting. It was really good as a matter of fact. Going back to his Amazon Review Profile, I saw his picture again, and then it struck me like The Archenemy on a snowy, December day. He looks JUST LIKE MR. RODRIGUEZ. Like holy hell, it's down right to the same skin complex, color, and even the braces! *swoon*

And then it hit me: This guy is buff. Although the profile picture never went further than the head shot, the review photograph showed him and he looked like a big guy. This is gonna sound weird, but I never did a look at Mr. Rodriguez shirtless. (Still no. Calm down. Secrets are meant to be secrets. LOL) I could never get more than a few inches from him... and it's starting to sound wrong. What I mean is that I never saw him shirtless, although he saw me like that... and then that one time he stormed into my bathroom while I took a shower. He always locked his bathroom door. (Don't ask how I know that.)

Somehow, I equated this guy to Mr. Rodriguez. I believe the hook was the smile. I don't know why though. The smile... and the braces... were the anchors of the whole similarity thought. 

Ah, how I miss Mr. Rodriguez. Maybe I should write him a letter... and then make little wet dots to give the illusion of crying. But then what kind of friend would I be? 

A good one, that's what.
We'll see about that letter and I'll get back to you guys on that.

Coming Soon... Intro
No stereotypes. I promise.
"Oh, me so horny!
"Me love you long time."
Sorry. I'll go eat some
tacos now.

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