Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nineteen Ninety-Nine

MCMXCIX. 1999 marked the beginning of schooling many others and myself. Ten years of faking injuries; five years of Field Days; years of actual sickness and fevers; five years of the photography bug.

Thirteen years later, we have graduated from public school. For all my classmates this year, most of us were born in late 1993, 1994, or early 1995. It was the era of Clintonomics, VCRs, waist-high jeans, and Roseanne Barr. When we began school in fall 1999 as screaming five-year-olds, we had a long journey ahead of us. If only we had known what was going to happen later.

Along the way, we’ve lived through many historic moments, like 9/11, election of Barack Obama, the legalization of same-sex marriage, etc.

In the same thirteen years, music has changed to something else. First the resurgence of rap, followed by the explosion of pop, and then spread of indie rock.

And you know, it's weird how we can't tell how much has happened until it's laid out in front of us.

I haven’t ever thought about it, but you realize how truly old you are. Still young, but 18 is a large number. And now, as a look back at all the hits of the past thirteen years (1999 – 2012). "Circle of Life" performed by a trio from North Penn High School, Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

Why it's 2012 and no one can film a graduation with HD cameras is beyond me.