Sunday, August 5, 2012

病みつき! (Addicting!)

Ah, lazy Sunday afternoons. The reason why the title is in Japanese is because of the very cute, but addicting commercials I saw this afternoon. These commercials are advertising a brand of gum in Japan called Fit's which is made by Lotte, a South Korean company.

If you've ever seen Japanese commercials, they're very eccentric, down to the point of pure absurdness. But they do their job. You remember the commercial and later remember the product, this time, gum. Hell, I've seen it so often I feel like buying some just so I can do the dance and embarrass myself on the internet. That's to come later-- like the fifth anniversary later.

Enough of me. Here are the Fit's commercials!

The bottom version contains the same as above, but includes a 50-station subway ride,
four other versions and a How-To-Dance featurette.

There's two things I've learned from these commercials. 1) How in the hell can't they be interested in each other? I'm 8900 miles away and I feel like writing letters now.* 2) I desperately want this gum now. Jesus Christ how I want it.

* God that sounds creepy. Wonder if they can read English?

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