Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kidnapped by The Archenemy

It's only been a week or so since the Two Year Anniversary of the ESF happened already I'm having dreams about it. Since I take care of my nephew during the day and go to sleep around 1 AM or so, I don't get much rest before I wake up again and run on a few hours of sleep.

On the weekends, however, I play catch-up and sleep the good sleep. Seriously. I can sleep for eight hours straight and wake up all groggy and shit and feel like I've been rejuvenated. With sleeping comes dreams. And if you experience REM sleep, then you have vivid dreams. 

I guess I had a big period of REM sleep and my eyes must have been moving rapidly. Here we go.

I was in what could either be Australia or Mexico, I'm not sure. I lean more towards Mexico because it reminded me more of it, but there were some stores that only exist in Australia, like Woolworth's.

Anyway, I was walking down a street during what was dusk. The sky was orange and it looked as if it had just rained. As I went past a mechanic's garage, about ten feet ahead of me stood out a black-clad, tall copy of The Archenemy! This version, though, had lighter hair, a ring piercing on the right side of his lower lip, and was wearing black pants with a chain coming out of the pocket. He also had a cap on, black too. He was taller by a few inches, because my head was at chest-level. 

I noticed him walking, so he must have walked out of the mechanics. He walked off the sidewalk into the street and then he noticed me and walked over. I began to walk a little faster, but he caught up and stopped me. Somehow, I ended up at an intersection on top of a hill. We stopped at a corner and handed me a card while motorbikes whizzed by us. 

"Here," he said, "keep this card and call the number on it." 

It was a card with an image of a tractor trailer and some writing in Spanish that I don't remember. At the bottom, there was an 1-800 number. He gave me the card, patted me on the back, and began to cross the intersection. I made my way back to where I was going, which I guess was a store because I remember being thirsty. I don't remember going to the store, but I do remember pulling out a receipt with the WOOLWORTH'S printed on the top and being charged a $1.39 for a drink. 

As I was walking back to where I lived, I saw a neighbor and he called me over. I showed him the card The Archenemy copy gave me, and told me I was lucky not to have been kidnapped. He told me that there were people kidnapping teens by giving them an opportunity to become truck drivers. It was at the school where they would disappear at. I was shocked as much now as I was in dream!

I wonder what Freud would say if he was alive now. Ha-ha

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