Monday, December 3, 2012

Dirty Lyrics

Is it worth a 14 rating? Some "coarse" language ahead...

I worked yesterday from 1 to 7:25 yesterday. It was helter-skelter yesterday, guys.

People buying clothes, people not buying clothes, people buying an assload of clothes, angry black people not buying clothes and an assload of clothes. A diverse customer base we have, I assure you.

Any how, after vacuuming, and straitening up, and clocking-out, I called for a ride, and sat outside a lopsided bench outside the Kroger a few doors down. While I was sitting there in my black collared shirt and khaki pants, I began humming something I'd heard on Married... with Children once. You have all four adult characters, sitting on a sofa, watching a VHS (was ist das?), and internal-monologue-ing.
Memories, of the world I left behind 
Misty, water-coloured memories, 
of the way we were.
And while I sat there, outside on a balmy December night, I began to sing that quietly to myself. Remember, there are people sitting in their cars, the windows down. There are people walking out of the store, an employee wrangling up shopping carts, people passing by with bags full of groceries. Some guy wearing a red shirt just like mine walked by and asked me how I was doing. "Fine, thanks. How about you?" He replied, "Oh, just great."

I'll move on. As I went on, I began to think of other things, and those became some funny lyrics. Not dirty, in the least, but there's only one curse, so... I don't even know.
Twinks, like the ones we used to fuck 
Skinny, hairless twinks 
That we used to know.
Not the most clever, but surely the most confusing. Was ist das twink? That's for you to find out. Google-search the motherfucker. You'll either be surprised, satisfied, or horrified that such a term exists.

This is the world we live in, people. The sexually-excited Western civilization. Nowhere like Japan, but I'm OK with that.