Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A lá Kiki

I read way too much into people's things. Like Facebook posts or tweets.
It's not weird, or else they wouldn't post. Right

It was 11:45, the beginning of another late night on the computer. Around 1.30, I was doing a last-check thing with all my social media sites when I stumbled upon a friend's re-tweet of someone telling her that they needed to "have a kiki." Then she tweeted that "Urban dictionary is my best friend tonight."

"What the fuck is a kiki?" I asked. I Google'd it and it turns out it means a party where you hang out, relieve stress, and gossip with your friends. 

Underneath the entry was a video. I can't even... how does it... when did... I do love the 2:39:1 aspect ratio though. Fuck 1.85:1... and especially 1.77:1.

Mesh t-shirts, tights, waist-cut shirts and skin all in one video.
This video just proves how cool I can be. Five dolla me love you long time big American man.
Big strong American man Owen from Sean Cody
This thing is more flaming than a house on fire... or this blog for that matter. But that's a stereotype.