Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Canon Collection

As I wrote before in M.I.T.R.S. (Snappy LX) and M.I.T.R.S. (SureShot Owl), I own two Canon cameras, both coincidentally bought for less than a $1 at garage sales.

And now I'm going to show you off my collection.

This is my Canon Snappy LX, circa 1991. As I wrote before, this was part of a three-for-one. I was real excited when I got it because I always wanted to shoot on film, and now I got my chance. But I there were some caveats. One, the lens cover was broken. Easily fixed by placing a toothpick between the wall and the small button. Two, if there was not sufficient light, the flash would go off. In my room, lighted by a lamp with by 25w CFL, it went off. The thing is, you can't control it. You either have enough light, or too bad, and the flash goes off. I wanted to take this thing to a music fundraiser back in October, but imagine having the flash go off in a dark auditorium. Too distracting to the people performing.

As I wrote in the first M.I.T.R.S, I found the battery compartment broken, but it can be taped shut. So no prob.

The camera to the left is my newest addition. That is my Canon Sure Shot Owl Date. Unlike the Snappy LX, this one has a control for the flash, so you can have it on or off. And what's also a big deal is that it can imprint the date on the photos! On the back, not featured here, there is a small panel where you can set the date. Unfortunately, I don't have a CR2025 battery and since it's behind the film, I have to finish the roll before I can put one in. I really love it because the lens cover is NOT broken, you can turn off the flash, and it has a nice big viewfinder, just like the Snappy LX

Dueling Cameras...

What's amazing about both cameras is that the flash still works as if it was brand new. I recently took my first shots with the Sure Show Owl on Monday, and I'm at exposure 12 so far. It's a Kodak MAX 200 24 exp. roll, so I'm half-way to finishing it. Although I am having trouble finding a place that will develop the film. I could have it developed at Walgreens, which is right around the corner, but for a Photo CD with just negatives is $5.99. Maybe that's my best bet, because it's within walking distance, and with Photoshop, I can produce a positive for free.

Exposure 12... or 11... I can't tell. It's probably 12... maybe.

And if you think about, $6 for the processing, plus the cost of the camera (like .10 cents) and the free film, it's a $6 digital camera. Not too shabby. I'll end this post with two other photos... and I'll post photos when available.

A close-up of the Canon logo on the Sure Show Owl Date.