Sunday, November 4, 2012

M.I.T.R.S. (SureShot Owl)

In the last M.I.T.R.S post, I wrote that I had found the bestest camera I've ever owned. Well, I have some bad news. Well, bad news to a camera person/photographer.
Two weekends (Oct. 27 to be exact), I found that the battery compartment of my Canon Sure Shot Snappy LX was broken. Yes, broken. The little tab that kept it shut was on the floor, next to the metal floor where it tells you what direction the batteries are to be inserted. It breaks my heart to think I cannot use my Snappy LX. Last night, though, as an experiment, I tried putting it back together. The tab, unfortunately, will not stick. But, I saw that I can tape the compartment shut, so if I wanted to, I can use it! Hoorah, hoorah!

I have some more good news, peeps. This past Saturday (Nov. 3rd), we drove around the northern part of my town, the one with all the Romney signs. We cruised looking for GARAGE SALE signs, and found one leading to a house near a river. We got out of the car, and the woman in a lawn chair said, "Anything you can put in this bag, one dollar." We chuckled as she handed us the plastic bags, and we began to roam the sale. I found things like a recipe converter, which I guess is what you used before the internet. 

There was a box full of goody bags from what I guess is what American Airlines with a neck pillow and a blue microfiber blanket. Then I found a box full of Dallas newspapers from the day Kennedy was shot. "Woah," I exclaimed as picked up this brown paper with DALLAS TIMES-HERALD written on top. One of the newspapers showed the now famous picture of Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby. There were four in the box, all a light brown, with the top-most newspaper being the most damaged, especially at the fold crease.

But I found my newest pet there. Sitting on a table surrounded by knick-knacks and the recipe converter was a black leather bag with a thin strap. I set my bag down and unzipped it. In the bag was another Canon camera, along with a full pack of Kodak MAX 200 film and two rolls. I was flabbergasted. I was so excited. I could have screamed, but I didn't. I quickly zipped the bag back up and shoved it in my bag, which was already ripping. 

We left with bags full of stuff and paid of total of $4 for everything.

Saturday afternoon, I loaded the camera with batteries. Then I loaded up the film, which took me a while since I've never loaded a film camera before. After two tries, the motor roared to life and the counter moved to 1. 

And just yesterday (Nov. 5th), I took my first pictures, the first being of my nephew.

Now I'm looking for photo labs... because it costs $14 to develop them at Walgreens... and that's ridiculous.