Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bathroom Apologies

It's one of those dreams that go all crazy... and it seem so real.

I was standing in the middle of a large bathroom, with azure (or sky blue) walls and white tiled floors.
In the middle of this large bathroom was a standalone bathtub, with a curtain half-wrapped around it.
I'm certain that the room had recessed lighting, with lights near the walls and one strong lamp above the bathtub.

I was standing behind the bathtub when I heard a bell ring. Standing there half-naked, the door flew open, revealing a hallway full of people. Then the worst possible thing happened, the towel fell off of me. I ran to the door to close it, but not before a few people got an eyeful of me.

But before I the door closed, I saw The Archenemy. He was wearing a green Argyle shirt, blue jeans, and was holding some books in his hand. He stopped in the doorway, and said, "Wow, Eddie. Nice one." The door began to close when I thought, "I'm not letting this chance get away again." 

I guess Dream Eddie doesn't remember the Cobblestone dream.

I opened the door back, still nude, grabbed The Archenemy by his arm, and pulled him into the bathroom.

He stood in front of the bathtub, books in hand as I took in a deep breath.
I said, "Okay?" and stuck my hand out.
"I'm sorry. Do you accept my apology?"

He stood there, with his right arm resting on his hip, the books now on the floor.
"Okay, Eddie, fine. Apology accepted."

I got emotional.
"Oh my God. Thank you so much!"
I bear-hugged him.
I let go of him and I asked, "So what now?"
He replied, "I don't know..."

The scene changed.

We were now in a classroom, with two of its four windows open. I was standing next to a land-line phone with a rotary dial. I said, "I don't know [Archenemy], don't ask me." Then I began to dial.

Sometimes you have to love these dreams. They're starting to drive the point home, you know.