Monday, April 15, 2013


Links contained herein are NOT suitable for those under the age of 18.

Oh Adam!

A few months ago, I posted about this guy at first job who was a Mormon. 

Showing actual genuine interest, I asked him a load of questions, whether or not could have annoyed him. We spoke for a while, and I absolutely loved learning about somebody else. Other people didn't take to well to my interest, but I haven't actually visited a temple. I will though, with two friends in tow.

After talking and noting a small degree of separation, I befriended him on Facebook. He sure "brought" it. Hahaha.

I love to do that. (Just wait, Shaun.)

Creepiness aside, he had told me that he was going to leave sometime in 2013 to a mission, where the Mormon church flings him to some corner of the world to spread the word and Mormonism. He said that his father had been saving up money for a decade to pay for it, which I believe cost $10,000. Whether or not that money went to pay for the mission itself or money for him to live off of during, I cannot say.

I left that job not too soon after, but noted his Facebook posts, which were always quite witty, and something that I aspire to be. I try to be witty, but it doesn't always work.*

And just this past week, Adam, updated his Facebook for the last time, saying in short that he was leaving and that he would be unreachable using the digital realm. In an update written by his father, he posted contact information for him.

I wonder how many stamps it takes for a letter to get to Utah?

In my curiosity, wanting to find out more about these missions that Mormons are sent on, I decided to Google 'Mormon Missionary'.

After a few pages, there was this link that said "Mormon Missionz". Ignoring the "Z", I clicked on the link and was just "devastated" on finding out that it led to a pronographic site that was full of naked people doing naked people things.

After ample research and sampling, I found the "About" page, where the first line reads, "Well, if you've ever fantasized about going down on a hot Mormon missionary, you're in the right place!"

That pretty much sums up the whole site. 

I was completely unaware of the nature of the site to begin with, but I'm OK being deceived (this time). That Elder, though. In the end, I was sidetracked, and should have just followed the first links. Those are the more relevant after all.

And if you feel up to it, here's a link. (This link is not be suitable for those under 18.)

Vaya con Dios. :)

* :(