Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Australian Dreams

Oh Tim!

I fell asleep around 11.10 yesterday after spending sometime at Target and going grocery shopping.

Around 3.00 AM, I woke up to find myself on the sofa. So I went to my bed and fell asleep to some documentary about Herbert Hoover, and how much of a seemingly-uncaring person he had been during the last three years of his second term. 

He wasn't that bad... but who the hell unleashes the Army on Great War veterans? He did.

My first dream was of me in an auditorium, standing in front of a grey-coloured computer. I was typing furiously, and then for some reason, I needed a flash drive. I couldn't find my drive, so I went out to look for it. 

To give you some direction, all the computers were on table, each table maybe twenty feet long. Behind me, there was a staircase that led from higher floor to here. The staircase was enclosed, which means that you didn't see anything in the auditorium until you reached two doors to the right of the staircase. 

I guess I had gone upstairs because I remember walking down those stairs. It was sparsely lighted by some fluorescent units on the walls some three feet higher than the steps. As I reached the lower part of the stairs, I saw one of my Tumblr followers from Australia standing in the middle of the steps, crying. 

Somehow, my mind was able to extrapolate his height and body size. I don't remember what he was wearing, but his hair and eye color were the same as in pictures he posts. As I got near, he cried a little harder. Seeing this, I sat him down a step or two below me, and then I sat down two steps above him. My knees were right about at the same level as his head was. 

I put my hands on him and began to rub his shoulders. Then I rubbed his neck. I don't know why I would rub his neck, but I just did. He tilted his head all the way back and he began to stop crying. I rubbed for maybe a few minutes until he suddenly his head cocked towards me. A tear streamed down his face, and out of nowhere, he licked my leg. 

He licked my leg a few times before I said, "No, it's OK. You don't have to do that." 

Still, tears were streaming down his face until he jumped up. He said to me, "I know exactly what you need." He ran the way I had come down from. 

I walked out of the staircase and back to my computer, where I finished whatever I was doing.


The second dream of the evening had me sitting in my room. It was filled with friends of mine. Where my bed was there was now a futon, and I was sitting on it, with Lupe seated next to me. 

The television was on, and standing in front of it was no one else but The Archenemy

I couldn't believe it, he was standing in my room. And looking at me! 

At some point, someone walked in with huge glasses full of beer that some people in the room took. I said to Lupe, "Wow, look at those huge glasses. I think they should call it a [Archenemy]! How many [Archenemies] do you think you can drink?!" 

Then I turned to The Archenemy and I asked him the same question. He looked annoyed and walked out of the room, towards the bathroom. I asked Lupe, "Wow, that is some Archenemy impersonator. Where did you find him?"

Slightly annoyed, too, she responded, "No Eddie, that was really him."
Surprised, I said loudly, "No way! He'd never come!"

As I finished the sentence, The Archenemy walked in, wearing a white thin t-shirt and blue jeans. He might have been wearing a green jacket, but I'm not sure. He said to the people in the room, "Alright, let's go to the store." Immediately, most people began to file out with him. I didn't follow.

I was standing next to my dresser when my sister told me to go. I said I didn't have the right pants. She said it didn't matter. I followed her advice, and ran outside to find a highway on-ramp situated in front of it. The majority of people, with The Archenemy acting as leader, were on the ramp, walking down towards a Walmart. I figured they were too far, so I sat down in a plastic chair, slowly seeing them walk away, next to traffic moving swiftly at 60 MPH.

I didn't even ask if they were safe doing it.