Sunday, December 9, 2012

Driving Mr. Rodriguez

I don't even know how this dream happened.
I haven't thought about Mr. Rodriguez since I messaged him the day before Thanksgiving.
My mind is a vault of delicate memories and insight.
$15.99 a minute.

I was standing inside a Toys'R'Us store. I vividly remember the fluorescent lighting. I didn't buy anything (even in my dreams I have no money) and walked out of the store, into a wet parking lot. The sky was partly cloudy, pinkish-red, with big puffy clouds. Their bottoms coloured orange by the setting sun. 

I walked over to my grey Chevrolet, got in, and began to drive off. Although the parking lot was almost empty, I almost hit a parked van while trying to do a sharp right turn, so I reversed, and drove towards the back of the store, seeking a new exit. After turning the back corner of the building, I see a group of people, two girls, and Mr. Rodriguez. One of the girls in the group was his special other, whom I'll call Mrs. Rodriguez.

The back driveway was closed off by a tall chain-link fence. Behind me was also a chain-link fence closing off any back exits. As I stopped, the group took a look at me and Mr. Rodriguez approached my window.

"Eddie," he said, "you have to drive us!"
I exclaimed, "No way! After the way it went in there?"
"Oh c'mon!" chimed in Mrs. Rodriguez.

After a few tense seconds, I gave in. Suddenly, I found myself in the backseat with the other girl as Mrs. Rodriguez was in control of the car and Mr. Rodriguez in the passenger's seat.

Dafaq? When did this girl who I don't even know get control? I can't even...