Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Archenemy!

Today is the One Year Anniversary of The Archenemy, a music blog. 

A year ago, I thought I could handle another blog. I imagined myself posting all this great music with a little backstory. And that's what happened. 

I'm not sure how the idea came about, but I think it was because I was posting all this music stuff on Facebook and I thought, "I must really be annoying people." It had happened once, but with videos from MADtv, but this time, I could have this dedicated area for my music, where if you wanted to (and should), you could listen to whatever I was listening to and know that you and I were in sync.

Whether that has happened yet I don't know, but it's more than just a place to post a song and say, "This song is the best; all your stuff is gay, homo." It's chest, a memory chest where if I want, I can go back in time and think, "Wow, what the hell was I thinking?" or "Man, this song is great, I haven't heard it in forever!". I feel that this keeps an archive, not only for me, but for others, because your life is like television before videotape. It happened, but no one can remember what it looked like.

So it's great to be able to not only archive, but also to share it with some stranger sitting at their Windows XP machine in some Russian town somewhere. Looking at the traffic stats, more like spammers in their Moscow flats. Just sayin'.

I hope that it lasts another year, because I'm starting to run short of songs to post. 

Just kidding. There's plenty in my iTunes library.

Happy Birthday, Archenemy!