Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fort Worth: A Public Transport Odyssey: A PhotoJournal

A photographic journal of FW:APTO

Some of the photographs I ended up shooting on my way to Fort Worth.

Rail at Irving - The TRE railroad from the West Irving station, looking west.

Teenagers  - A group of teens, with two sitting on their boards. Another is standing, hiding his face with his board.

Walkway - The corridor that runs the length of the first ITC awning.

Train-o-rama - A panoramic sweep of the train platform around 9.05 PM.

Shaun of the Tracks - A teen named Shaun crossing the TRE and Amtrak railroads

Shelter - One of the passenger shelters at the West Irving Station.

Trainspotting - People waiting for the 6:15 TRE train to Dallas. 

Solitary - A young guy sitting on a bench, waiting for the TRE train.

Waiting - A photo of two young black men sitting on the benches. The one on the left waits for a train while the man on the right takes his meal break.

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