Monday, October 22, 2012

Found "Time"

Yesterday, around 11 PM, I was just surfing the internet. I won't say that it was like what you would watch in the daytime, but it was something appropriate for my age group. Anyway, while watching the video, during a strategic scene, this song played. Imagine, it's like 1979 and you've just committed copyright infringement. Scary, isn't? 

As the scene continued, I was like, "That voice... it sounds so familiar! Yes... I think I know what it is!" So I Google-searched song recognition and up came what I was looking for came up. Since I have a headset, I placed the microphone into the earpiece and turned the volume up! The first time I tried it, I had the microphone muted. Disappointed, I tried again. Second time did it, and up popped up the song! It was from Pink Floyd... imagine, these people ripped off a Pink Floyd song like 33 years ago. And were never caught.

Not much you could do now because the majority of the producers could have died or etc., but at least you can enjoy an age-appropriate video with such nice background music. From now on, Pink Floyd will be my background music, much to the chagrin of The Archenemy.

Here comes the pi├Ęce de resistance! From the only song credited to all four band members, is "Time" from their most famous album Dark Side of the Moon, released in 1973.

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Oh my God. There's nothing like unexpectedly finding
a song from one of the world's famous rock bands.

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in conjunction with TA.